Done with freelancing

Are minimalist all entrepreneurs ?

When you read about minimalists, it seems that they all started a business or are freelancing, I did.
I was a freelance filmmaker for 10 years, being your own boss have pros and cons, but today, I quit.

Studio 138 by Clemens Poloczek

Studio 138 by Clemens Poloczek

Why I want to go back to a full time job ?

When I started freelancing, I thought I could choose my clients, shoot, get fairly paid and have time for personal projects, I was wrong. Afraid of not being able to pay the bills, I accepted every requests, lower my rates and worked sometimes 20 hours a day. The results ? I’m not really proud of the work done and was too tired or missing time to develop my own films. What I loved the most was the freedom to organize my day, but is it enough to keep doing it?
And to be honest, I don’t like the prospection, accounting administrative aspects of freelancing.

Before freelancing, the company I was working for hired me during my internship, I never really had to look for a job, so, where to start ? which kind of job I am looking for ?
Getting older, what I am looking for, what matters is stability, peace of mind. I hope a full time job will give me that, that I will stop worrying. I also want join a team, to collaborate and to contribute to something, share a common goal. And hopefully, have time alongside to work on some personal projects and the most important, give all my attention and love to Nina.

Making a list

A list of things I love to do. Screen-printing, music, design, video and coffee are these things. I don’t consider myself as professionally efficient at screen-printing or music. Considering design, it’s a true passion, be it interior, graphic, motion or web, I was even trained at coding, but am I good enough ?
I know that I can do videos, I loved, love and will always love it, I could maybe work in an agency or in a marketing service. What about coffee?
Drinking a lot of it is not a good argument to find a job, so I read almost everything about how to make good espressi, capuccini etc, trained at making latte art and as a test, found a short time contract in a coffee shop and I loved it. The service, having the result of your work instantly by seeing customers smiling is a wonderful feeling.

Finally, video and coffee making brings me value and happiness, I will focus on this search, and if you hear about something in Berlin, well, you know where to find me 😉

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