Minimalism, How the journey started

Everything started with a break up.

Yes, a break up made me, or at least, helped me to fully embrace minimalism, want to know how ?
During many years, my girlfriend and I planned to move to Berlin, our beloved city.
So I started to look for job opportunities and to do so, I wanted to speak German, so she and I decided that I should follow some lessons.
This is how, in July 2017, I left France for a 3 month German class in Berlin.

Stacked by Malte Brandenburg - Minimalism picture of Berlin

Stacked by Malte Brandenburg

After my class started, I felt really happy, learned a lot, was in this city I love so much, found a little job in a coffee shop to improve my German skills faster and met some wonderful people who became friends since. Thinking of it, there was only 2 negative things I can thought about, I miss my girlfriend and moving from sublet to sublet (5 times in 3 month) was really annoying. Fortunately, I didn’t have a lot to move each time, just enough clothes for a week, my laptop, my bike, my filmmaking gear and that’s it. But hey! it was for 3 month, everybody can handle that and I had a Netflix account, it’s important.

My girlfriend is wonderful, she started her own company, works hard, is successful and don’t have a lot of time but found some to visit me. She first came at the end of august and we had a lovely weekend, then a second time, a few weeks later, the last time as a girlfriend.
At the end of her visit, she told me she wasn’t in love anymore, that we became friends more than lovers and in a way, I was agree, we were happy the way our lives were going, the way things were, being separate, and this was the end of our fantastic 7 years story, no remords, no regrets nor anger. She went back to France, I decided to stay, live and work in Berlin.

And Minimalism arrived

A few days, maybe weeks later, as I was trying to settle in Berlin, an article from The Guardian popped into my RSS feeds, “Three shirts, four pairs of trousers: meet Japan’s ‘hardcore’ minimalists“, I first find it pretty extreme, but I looked at my room, I didn’t have much more, and anything was missing to my needs,  except some carefully chosen things, stayed in France.

As far as I remember, I’ve always been into minimalism, for aesthetic reasons, I love it into design, illustrations or in these clean and airy interiors you found on Pinterest. So, I started to investigate this idea of minimalism as a lifestyle, I was intrigued. The following days were made of reading about minimalism, a lot, books, blogs, essays… then one night on the above-mentioned Netflix account, I discovered “Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things” by The Minimalists and directed by Matt D’Avella, my life changed.

Everything became clear, I was going to uncluttered my life. I guess discovering minimalism as a life style, make me discover myself. Without knowing it, I’ve always been a minimalist, all these readings and this documentary gave me some guidelines to assume.
I was in a new country, with a few things, the perfect moment to fully embrace my innerself. So, when I finally found a long term room in a WG (short for Wohngemeinschaft, the German for Share flat), I bought a mattress and a table, the absolut strict minimum… oh and my bike has been stolen, sad but just material stuff. Then I went back to France to move my stuff from my previous place, and trust me I made a huge cleaning amidst my possessions, stuff I have and never used, things I kept for sentimental reasons and Just-in-Case items.
I still have a few things in France, things I deeply like and appreciate, but not things I need to live everyday (like my DVD collection, music instruments, some decoration stuff…) so I will get them later.

This is how my journey into minimalism started, this was my new beginning, and everything started with a break up!

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