The Minimalist child

Am I a natural born minimalist ?

Considering childhood memories, there has always been one sentence from my mother that has been heard again and yet again. She told me, that when I was a child, she never had to tell me to clean up my room. Because it was always tidy and cleaned up anyway!

Picture by by Karlee Hooper

Admittedly, I spent a lot of my childhood time, afternoon hours, quiet lonely Saturdays and Sundays, cleaning and tidying up my room. And, additionally, organizing and sorting out my toys and all of the other stuff in my room. I remember my collection of Bibi Blocksberg cassettes (you will only know these being a German 80ies grown-up…) which I organised again and yet again in different, as I thought, better ways. Also, I hated having  toys and stuff which I didn´t play with or had another use for. Everything needed a purpose, and having that purpose, I chose a steady place for each item, and sticked to it.

Growing Up

Being grown-up (kind of…), I realise how unusual this behaviour was for a child. And considering all the thousands of different phases and stages of being a teenager, a young adult, a twenty and thirty and even more something, I see more and more that I never really left this state of mind. I labelled it in different ways, but the kernel stayed the same: too much stuff will kill me!

So I went from phase to phase, accommodation to accommodation, even relationship to relationship, experiencing different kinds of reaction to this preference from ignorance to aversion to even labelling it a (unhealthy) constraint.

And then

When I met Frankie, things became finally beautifully meaningful. In an way, he mirrored the aspects in me I didn´t have words for before. He introduced me softly to the art of needing less and having more – which has been, as I see now, a deep inner wish that I was not able to name before. I´m grateful for the wise child I´ve been, already starting the journey. There is  so much still to learn and to discover, and fortunately, I may share my journey with Frankie.

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