Minimalist Life, Minimalist Home

November 2017, lucky I am, I found a long term place in a shared flat, something really hard to find in Berlin, and first experience with roommates (I will write about it later). I lived in an empty room, my clothes in a bag, just a mattress on the floor, I didn’t even have a light, minimalist isn’t it ?
In fact I own all the things to decorate, to make this room more welcoming, to make it mine, but they are in my parents’ cellar, in France and I like these things, buy them twice would be stupid.
Anyway, I will get them later.

Hotel Minimal by Linie Berlin

Hotel Minimal by Linie Berlin

January 27th 2018, back to France, I also have some stuff at my ex’s place, I am a bit stressed, even if she and I are on really good terms, we didn’t see each other since our broke up and I only have one day and a half to sort 7 years of common life.
Anyway, it was the perfect occasion to start decluttering, mostly clothes, at the end of the day my entire wardrobe was in 2 weekender bags, what I left went to charity.
I put all most of my favourite belongings into boxes and gave them to my parents. Things that didn’t fit into dad’s car or didn’t want anymore, I gave them to my exgirlfriend, she could keep them if she like them, but I guess she will want to get rid of them. Concerning the stuff we bought together or were offered to us, we decided to sell them and share the profits. In the end, I bring back to Berlin only a few stuff, and yes, I took my lamp!

Told this way, it sounds easy, it was not. Sorting 7 years of life, finding some pictures of us, some sweet words etc, I have to admit, some tears dropped, from both of us, but even if it was harsh, this made my decluttering easier. I will visit my parents, because I didn’t see them since a long time, and will organized a proper moving to free their cellar from my stuff. But for now, I have everything I need, I can fully enjoy and build my new life, a minimalist one, I feel lighter, happier than ever.
This new life is made of simplicity, intention and encounters, including the wonderful Nina, and you will soon have the opportunity to read from her. This new life as an assumed minimalist made me realize that Paulo Coelho is right:

“Collect moments, not Things”


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